Monday, August 8, 2011

Two Product Reviews for the Home~

It seems like it's been awhile since I have been responsible for a "home" blog and although I have moved to a new place and been busy with all entailed, I found myself lacking in inspiration. That was until this morning, when I was so disappointed in a new purchase! Eureka! Product reviews were born.

Casa Bella, BeCool Silicon Ice Trays, purchased at Function Junction in Crown Center, Kansas City ($12.99 for a pkg of two)

Rating: 2 Stars :(

I was elated when I saw these ice 'trays' in the store! I am an ice eater, but full size ice cubes are hard on the teeth and I am usually most happy with restaurant or convenience store ice that is small and less than bite size. Obviously at home, these sources are useless. These were in the 'bar' section of this great store, so possibly intended for mixed drinks, etc.

I have had success with silicon products in the past, including baking 'pans', pot holders, condiment bowls, etc. So I was excited and expecting a great experience. This was not the case after all.

The cubes are about half inch square and nearly impossible to remove from the tray. I guess this may be because they are so small, but it takes a great deal of time and energy to extract a tray/glass worth, which of course leads one to think you may not bother after awhile. Also, when I do get them out, it requires touching almost every cube with my fingers, so clearly using these for guests is out!


The Automatic Robo Stir (As Seen on TV)
Purchased at Dollar General ($9.99)

I was sooo excited about this gadget, I bought two! One for my best friend and one for me. Alas, fool me twice. :/ Rating: 1.5 Stars (Danger)

Once again I am full of hope and optimism, thinking I have found something absolutely amazing for my kitchen! Why didn't it occur to me, "This thing has been on tv, and yet I have not heard about it...from anyone!" Ho hum.

As you can see from the photo, the idea is three prongs that act as stirrers, while the battery operated handle, vibrates and turns while you go about your business, stirring your pot for you. The tips of the prongs are silicon as well as the top where you handle it, which also houses the battery compartment.

Problem #1: No power. I had this in about an inch of soup, somewhat thick, but certainly not the thickest..and only an inch!! Almost immediately, on the highest setting, it was clear this was not going to work. It was barely moving and certainly not spinning around the bowl as advertised or imagined.

Problem #2: Foiled again, I reached to remove it from the soup. When I did, the silicon handle slid right off in my hand, dropping the still vibrating battery compartment into my soup, with exposed batteries, wires and plastic! It vibrated away, on an open flame, while I tried to fish it out!

Soup ruined. RoboStir vibrating in the trash.

Sorry to be such a negative Nancy, but I couldn't think of any new home purchase I have made that I could rave about today! At the very least, I am happy to have broadcasted the warnings on these two. :)


  1. Aw, too bad about that stir thingy, that would have been cool for those dairy things like custard etc. that you have to constantly stir as it heats, I hate doing that and therefore rarely ever do so. Too too bad. And dropping a battery in the pot is just awful!

    I'm glad you did our first product review! I intend to do one soon.

  2. It was definitely a bummer. I thought it would be my best friend for gravy!!! :) Cherilyn

  3. Well thanks for trying yours out before I tried mine. What a disappointment. I had such high hopes for the robostir. Oh well. Better luck next time.