Friday, April 1, 2011

Recipe ~ Chick Dip

by Cherilyn David

I call this chick dip due to the chicken, but I think it’s good for ladies too. It is actually nearly carb free and only made up of skinless chicken, cream cheese and scallions. *Optional Ranch mix.

1 large container whipped cream cheese (I like whipped, plain is fine too)
1 large can white chicken meat
(or cook and cut your own breast or other chicken of your choice.)
Scallions, cut up like chives and set aside
1 packet powdered Ranch dressing mix (also ok to season yourself)

Optional: Hot sauce of your choice, diced olives, etc.

The chicken for this recipe should already be cooked, so we want everything else to be warmed with it, so they are all equally hot and creamy.

Heat chicken and cream cheese in a sauce pan and add ranch/spices (and any other ingredients you have chosen such as olives) as soon as cheese is soft and creamy. Continue stirring over low heat until thoroughly mixed.

Now fold entire mixture into a loaf shaped glass pan. Warm in the oven, again at low heat since everything is already cooked. Remove and top with scallions, sprinkle hot sauce, etc. Serve in glass pan with chips for dipping or vegetable sticks.

Plan B: This recipe is delightfully simple, but anything can be dressed up, etc. For some flavor and consistency, ground chick peas would be a great addition, along with chopped Calamata olives, sauted onions and really any thing you think sounds good!

I am ashamed to say I have no short cut. This is as easy as it gets! Enjoy!

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