Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review of Between a Rock and a Hard Place

by Desirea Packard

Between a Rock and a Hard Place...

I am going to be honest. I have never written a book review before so bear with me.

I am sure we all have felt like we have been stuck between a rock and a hard place, but Aron Ralston actually was. This is a true story about the journey of his life through rock climbing and the hardships he endured doing something he loved.

This book was hard for me to read, but I'm glad I finished it. Through out the book, the author tells what he remembers while being stuck under a boulder that fell on his arm while rock climbing. He video tapes as he goes days and days being stuck. The realization is sinking in that he may not make it out alive, but he for some reason doesn't give up. He isn't married and has no kids, just a mom, dad, and sister whom he loves. He tries to get comfortable and ration his food and drink, but he eventually runs out and is forced to drink his own urine, which for me would be impossible even for survival I think. But his future desires of a wife and children keep him going. He knows that God has bigger plan for him and he doesn't give up.

In the end he cuts off his own arm, which again would probably be impossible for me to do. But he wanted to live. The pictures in the book are actual photos that he took while being trapped. Some are graphic, but they really portray what he went through. In a situation like this, you discover what is really important to you and probably even find some peace on where you are heading.

In the end the author gets all those things. He is married and has a little boy. He doesn't give up on rock climbing. He is just more careful. They also made a movie about it called 127 hours. I felt the book was much better.

If you want this kind of read, its a quiet time, cup of coffee, sitting alone, enjoyable read. The book makes you rethink some of the things that may need to change in your own life. Sometimes God does things like that for us. He sticks us between a rock and a hard place to help us and mold us into the people He wants us to be. For Aron God did this literally.

Hope you enjoy the book.


  1. I just saw the trailer for that movie, I'd definitely be more willing to read it if the book was good, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I might check it out.

  2. wow, sounds very interesting. great review Desirea!

  3. I can't believe he still rock climbs. That takes incredible courage. And how wonderful that he has a wife and a kid. I guess the sacrifices he made to stay alive were worth it in the end. Still, I'm not sure I could do some of those things.

  4. Sounds like a good read, Desirea. Like Naomi said, he sounds like a courageous guy. I can't imagine having to cut off my own arm. Amazing!

  5. I think that if this happened to me I would never want to rock climb again, however God works in mysterious ways and maybe he was supposed to for whatever reason. I definitely don't think I could cut off my own arm. If you do check it out don't get bogged down with what might seem boring or unnecessary its really worth the read in the end. Happy Reading.

  6. Nice job!! So far I haven't been able to bring myself to check out the book or the movie. I'm a wimp sometimes! Atleast now I know you could stomach it. You're my hero! :)

  7. Good job on your first review, Desirea. His climbing must be a little more of a challenge now than it was. I'll watch and bite my nails, thank you! He's one brave guy.