Monday, October 15, 2012

The Benefits of Exercising

As moms, we often find our schedules filled to the brim with our children and their activities, housework, meals, personal projects and the list goes on. One thing we busy moms often leave out of our schedules is a little thing called . . .


Yes, that's right exercise. Some days I'm so busy that exercise seems like it should a swear word. But it isn't. It's a time-consuming but beneficial habit that each and every one of us should make time for at least twice a week.

Don't believe me? People who exercise regularly:

1. Maintain better control of their weight.
2. Reduce their chances of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
3. Have more energy.
4. Get better sleep.
5. Have better psychological health.
6. Maintain healthier bones, muscles and joints.

Oftentimes in our quests to take good care of our families, we forget to take good care of ourselves. But in truth, the whole family benefits when mama is healthy, happy, and well rested. Exercise is key to all three of those things. So if you're not already making time to exercise two or three times a week, make some!

I'll have some fun exercise ideas posted later in the week. In the meantime, pencil in a couple hours of exercise this week.

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