Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Spotlight--Historical Romance Titles for June (Part 1)

It's the beginning of the month again. (Can you all believe it? It seems like 2012 has been flying by at bullet speed in our household.) But a new month means it's time for me to introduce you to the new novels from my publisher. I'm super excited about one novel in particular, Winning the Widows Heart by Sherri Shackleford.

This novel is special to me because about this time last year, Sherri and I both finaled in the Genesis Contest, a rather prestigious contest for unpublished inspirational writers. Finaling in a contest like Genesis allows agents and editors the chance to read your material and often opens up the doors to publication. Well, this was the case for both Sherri and I, as we were finalist in the same contest and then both went on to sell our stories to Love Inspired Historical. My debut novel, Sanctuary for a Lady, released in April. And now it's June, and Sherri's debut novel, Winning the Widow's Heart is releasing. How fun is that!

When Texas Ranger Jack Elder stormed the isolated Kansas homestead, he expected to find a band of outlaws. Instead, the only occupant is a heavily pregnant woman—and she's just gone into labor. A loner uneasy with emotion, Jack helps deliver widow Elizabeth Cole's baby girl and can't get back on the trail fast enough. The robber and murderer he's after killed one of Jack's own, and he vows to catch the man. But when he returns to check on Elizabeth and her little one, he discovers that she may hold the key to his unsettled past—and his hoped-for future.

I must admit, last year Sherri and I traded contest entries so we could each see what the other had written. I was amazed by Sherri's writing and hooked into the story right from the beginning. I'm going to give you just a sneak peek of the opening two lines of Winning the Widow's Heart:

A shrill scream from inside the homestead split the frosty air.

Jack Elder flattened his back against the cabin's rough-hewn logs, his Smith & Wesson drawn. Icy fear twisted in his gut. He couldn't think about the woman inside, couldn't let himself imagine what had ripped that tortured sound from her.

See? Now doesn't that book look good? I can't wait to start this novel, and am hoping to do so later in the week. Congrats on the release of Winning the Widow's Heart, Sherri!!!

Next I want to introduce you to A Baby Between Them by Winnie Griggs. A Baby Between Them is the third and final book in the Irish Brides miniseries. I've been sharing this series with you for the past two months. This book goes along with The Wedding Journey and Mistaken Bride, and the series is about three sisters who journey from Ireland to the United States in the mid 1800s and all find love. Here's what the back cover of A Baby Between Them says:

For two months, Nora Murphy has cared for the abandoned infant she found on their Boston-bound ship. Settled now in Faith Glen, Nora tells herself she's happy. She has little Grace, and a good job as housekeeper to Sheriff Cameron Long. She doesn't need anything more—not the big family she always wanted, or Cam's love….

A traumatic childhood closed Cam off to any dreams of family life. Yet somehow his lovely housekeeper and her child have opened his heart again. When the unthinkable occurs, it will take all their faith to reach a new future together.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm excited about both these novels. It's nice to see a satisfying conclusion to the Irish Brides trilogy, and I'm super thrilled to see my friend Sherri's debut novel release!

Now I'm wondering about the rest of you. Do you have any fun books on your reading list? Are any of you planning to read all three books of the Irish Brides miniseries? And what about Sherri's book? Doesn't that look like a fun one, especially for those of you who love westerns?

I'll be back on Thursday to introduce you to the next two books releasing this month. In the meantime, enjoy your week.


  1. Thank you so much, Naomi! I felt the same way about your book. I'll never forget Mary Connealy raving about you!

    I've been super excited about the Irish Brides series. Both Cheryl St.John and Renee Ryan are in my local chapter. (Look for our ad in RWA Conference booklet :)

    1. Sherri! Thanks for stopping by, and how fun that you know both Renee Ryan and Cheryl St.John!

  2. Hi Naomi & Sherri,

    Had to comment because I just started Sherri's book yesterday and it's so good I almost forgot to cook dinner! LOL. Really impressed, Sherri! Can't wait to keep reading!

    I've also read the Irish Bride Series and each one is wonderful! All are equal in quality and I thoroughly enjoyed them!

    And Naomi your book is on my TBR pile. LIH is putting out such great quality books - I'm loving it!


    1. Hey Sue, so fun to see you here! And I'm glad you're enjoying Sherri's novel. I'm hoping to start it on Thursday. Also, how neat to have read the entire Irish Bride Series. It sounds like they're all pretty great.

      And last, I feel honored that my book made your TBR pile. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Great book excerpts! I can relate to the story. I can read this book soon.