Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reviews of Sanctuary for a Lady--What Are People Saying?

Sanctuary for a Lady has been available online for nearly four weeks already, and has made its way to store shelves as well by this point. So now that people are reading the book, what are they saying about this unique little romance novel set during the French Revolution? Let's take a look:

Roseanna White, Author of Love Finds You in Annapolis Maryland and Jewel of Persia:

"WOW. I don't know how else to begin this review. Sanctuary for a Lady combined all the elements I love most in a story--high stakes, fascinating history, sincere faith, and such intense sparks flying between the main characters that I thought they might ignite the rain-sodden countryside of Revolutionary France!"

Read Roseanna's full review of Sanctuary for a Lady.

Alexandra George, Book Reviewer who lives in Greece (how cool is that???):

"The story takes place in the French Revolution, and the two main characters, the hero and the heroine of the novel, that is, are on the opposite sides of the mob. She is an aristocrat, he is one of the poor, misused peasants, with big dreams of revenge and justice. This, in itself, was very interesting to read, since I have read quite a few historical novels on French Revolution, but never one that showed both sides at the same time. Usually it's just the aristocrats or the people. But this book shows both sides and lets you decide which one is justified in its actions and which one is not. And, on top of that, it has them falling in love with each other. Talk about star-crossed lovers..."

Read Alexandra's full review of Sanctuary for a Lady (and several of her other wonderful reviews).

Faye Oygard, Book Reviewer:

"In this story I saw glimpses of the Good Samaritan, in the form of the handsome farmer, Michel, who was something of a brooding hero with a heart of gold. And when Michel and Isabelle were together, sparks flew! Both of the main characters where so well developed. Isabelle with her stubborn determination, yet her sense of guilt over past events, made her a compelling character that was complex, yet easy for the reader understand. With both Michel and Isabelle, I think what made them so real and relatable, was how it was easy to see how where they both had been in the past translated into the present."

Read Faye's full review of Sanctuary for a Lady.

Kav, Book Reviewer:

"It boggles this reader's mind that this is a debut novel. Rawlings writes like a seasoned pro. With the tight plot, impeccable characterization and enough emotional angst to water-log the Kleenex company, this is a romance lover's dream. Seriously good . . .

"This is a stomach-churning, knuckle-whitening read from cover to cover. I was an emotional wreck all the way through, between shouting warnings, chiding stubbornness and wanting to throw something at someone (including the author) occasionally! LOL. But I survived to tell the tale -- to dream about the tale -- to carry on the tale -- to dream up a new tale based on this one...well, let's just say the story is still with me and I'm praying it's not long before Rawlings' next book is out!"

Read Kav's full review of Sanctuary for a Lady.

Debra Marvin, Writer, Blogger, and Book Reviewer:

"Sanctuary for a Lady is a well-written story with lovely prose, interesting characters (Michel’s mother proves to be a pivotal secondary character and Naomi handled her health issue well), and just the right amount, for me, of serious events peppering the plot. This was a life or death situation throughout, with life or death decisions weighing each event. Michel's and Isabelle’s character growth, including the spiritual, kept this from being overshadowed by a very sad period in history--the author wove spiritual lessons on forgiveness with a light but edifying touch. While I happily point out these factors, I don’t feel it is the least bit too dark or preachy, certainly not for any fans of Love Inspired. The Guillotine could not be left out of the story but did not make any actual appearance! But love does. Selfless love."

Read Debra's full review of Sanctuary for a Lady.


So there you have it. This is just a glimpse of things being said around the internet. If you're interested if learning what others think, stop by Amazon's reader review page for Sanctuary for a Lady.

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  1. Congratulations on those fabulous reviews, Naomi! They were all good and in-depth, but I especially liked Kav's. I went to her blog to read the full review, and her comments on Sanctuary for a Lady would shove me over edge to buy the book if it wasn't already on my shelf!

  2. Thanks, ladies. Kav's review made me smile for sure, and surprised me. I've never met her and have no idea where she got my book from, but she wrote such a lovely review. :-)