Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Spotlight--Historical Romance Novels for April (Part 2)

Now that we've spent the pat week meeting Author Jessica Nelson and looking at her debut novel, Love on the Range, I decided to swing back to some of the other Love Inspired Historical novels out this month and highlight those. The Wedding Journey is a novel that takes place at sea, aboard a ship heading from Ireland to the United States, written by well-loved Author Cheryl St. John. Here's a little more about it:

The mysterious inheritance is the answer to a prayer. Now Irish lass Maeve Murphy and her sisters can come to America! She's sure happiness awaits her, even if it won't—can't—come from widowed ship doctor Flynn Gallagher. Yes, he made her his assistant, but she's not foolish enough to fall for the man all the eligible, wealthy female passengers admire.

Flynn Gallagher may have his pick of ladies, but only one cares as he does for the sick and poor. Flynn vowed never to marry another woman who could break his heart. With Maeve, has his heart found safe harbor at last?

Doesn't that novel sound great? I must admit, I recently read another novel set aboard a ship, Heart's Safe Passage by Laurie Alice Eakes, and I ended up LOVING it. So I'm more than happy to head back to sea as I read another story.

The last novel I'm featuring this month is called Brides of the West. It's a novella collection, comprised of three shorter stories written by familiar Love Inspired Historical authors. Take a look:

Josie's Wedding Dress by Victoria Bylin
Desperate for someone to help her save her ranch, Josie Bright makes a deal with Ty Dormer. Now the man who'd left her waiting at the altar is making her hope for things she had long stopped wishing for.

Last Minute Bride by Janet Dean
Elise Langley was stung to the quick when her would-be suitor suddenly left town. But when David Wellman returns and they are thrown together organizing their friends' wedding, can she open her heart again?

Her Ideal Husband by Pamela Nissen
As a girl, Lydia Townsend hoped to marry Jebediah Gentry—until his rejection spoiled her dreams. When family duty brings her home, it's Jeb's chance to show Lydia that now is the time for her wedding dreams to come true.

So there you have it, the Love Inspired Historical releases for the month of April. If you missed the highlight of the first two novels (which includes Sanctuary for a Lady by Yours Truly), take a look at this post

Now I'm curious how many of these novels you've read. Any? None? One or two? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below.


  1. I haven't read any of these yet. I was hoping to win yours in one of the many giveaways, but alas, nothing yet. It'll just have to jump in my cart this week, I think.

    I did read Heart's Safe Passage (which also had a doctor in it), and also loved it. I was thinking of it while I read the blurb for The Wedding Journey.

    1. Ah, so happy to know you liked Heart's Safe Passage as well. :-) You know, I've got a couple giveaways going on yet this week, but with you're luck thus far, I think I'd just cave and spend the $4 at Walmart. If you throw it in with a bunch of groceries, your hubby probably won't even notice. LOL! :-)

      Here's the link to one of the blogs: