Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Your Belly, Your Baby, Your Birth Wear...

Since I was a little girl I have been enamored with pregnant bellies. When a woman in our small church was pregnant I would beg to sit with her and place my hand on her ample baby belly and feel those flutters. I was awe struck and in wonder of it all. Of course once the baby was born I was all too willing to work the nursery. The simple things that children delight in.

My wonder of pregnancy and birth never disappeared although it did take a back seat in my life until I became pregnant myself. I knew that I wanted a more personal pregnancy and birthing experience so I sought out a midwife in our local area to assist me. She introduced the concept of a Doula to me.

Having a doula for my first birth was so important to me, made such an impression on me that I decided that I wanted to serve other women in the same capacity. When my second child was a mere 2 months old (after my first home-birth with a doula & midwife), I attended my doula training workshop with my little nursling and began my birth work journey.

As a "birth worker" I wanted to wear jewelry that expressed my love of pregnancy, the wonder of birth and new life, the sacredness (if you will) of being a partner in bringing a brand new life into our world. I wanted something that would honor the process and the Creator of that process. I looked around online and found many 'birthy' pieces of jewelry but most of them were dedicated to some deity or another that I did not acknowledge and I did not feel comfortable wearing. One evening while feeling quite unsuccessful in my jewelry quest, the thought occurred to me that I could make my own. Could I? I wasn't sure of my abilities but I wanted to give it a try.

I began making polymer clay sculptures that were quite large and cumbersome (compared to my current offerings), although at the time I was quite impressed with my humble beginnings!
Bulky Polymer Clay Belly!

I gradually perfected my belly bead sculpting which enabled me to make smaller and smaller clay beads. I shared my new jewelry with my other doula friends and found out much to my delight that they wanted to buy them! I began offering belly beads and hemp jewelry on in February, 2008. I often get special orders and have shipped all over the US, Canada and the UK.

Then I ventured into acrylic resins. Acrylic allows me more opportunity for creativity, although I still do love my clay! Acrylic beads have a more polished, refined look that pairs wonderfully with natural stone beads, semi-precious gems and artisan glass beads.
Amber-Opal Resin Belly Bead

One day while sculpting a tiny belly, I mused about making a baby and placenta out of clay and casting it into a clear acrylic belly bead. Thus the"Inutero" bead was born. These beads speak loud and clear about the life within the bulging belly. They are quite tedious to make however, and I don't have very many in my shop at once. They are indeed a limited edition item.
My First "Inutero" Bead
Besides my current offerings, you can request a custom piece here. Birth jewelry isn't just for doulas or midwives, I have found many women who want a symbolic piece of jewelry to wear while pregnant, trying to conceive or as a remembrance piece. There really is no limit.

I do my best to offer a quality piece of jewelry and if somethings needs adjusted, I aim to please!

Designing birth art jewelry allows me a creative outlet while helping to normalize pregnancy, birth and the concept that children are a blessing, which begins in the womb.

What people are saying about B'earth Angel's jewelry:
B'earth Angel's hand-crafted birth jewelry will always have a special place in my heart. I stumbled upon your birth jewelry as I was just starting my doula career and finally realized one day that your prices were way too reasonable for me to be dragging my feet any longer so I bought my first piece: a bracelet with bright oranges and a fun little jingle to it! I wore it to all of my interviews and when I taught CBE. One afternoon my toddler yanked on it and the latch broke. Brandi, you told me to send it to you and you fixed, fast as lightening, and got it right back to me at no extra charge! I've never forgotten that amazing service...~Ashli Powell, CD(DONA), CLC, PES, Lubbock Doula Service

I own five gorgeous pieces by Brandi, 4 necklaces and a bracelet. She captures the pregnant body perfectly in each of her beads. I love them all because they are all different and have the "Brandi" touch. I recently wore my favorite necklace in my professional maternity photographs. Another favorite is a clear belly with a visible baby inside. I am so happy Brandi is designing and making jewelry again. I am looking forward to shopping! ~Michelle Steele, Birth Doula
Pregnancy Blessings!

Pregnancy kiss photo by De Monson


  1. Thanks for sharing how you started your own business. I think it's wonderful when you can pull all your obsessions together and discover a market that hasn't been tapped! And the internet is a wonderful thing for those kind of ventures, so glad to have the internet as we start our own home businesses that would flop out here in the "middle of nowhere." And I still think your inutero bead is just cool.

  2. Thanks Melissa. You are so right, without the internet I would be lost (in regards to business)! It is an incredible tool when used for good. The Inutero is pretty popular and one that I should make more of to be sure! Thanks again!

  3. What a great story of your business's "birth." It's always encouraging to read how other women are using their talents and abilities.