Saturday, June 4, 2011

Challenge Winner~Andrea Strong

Andrea Strong
Andrea is our winner. I'm so excited to have our first winner--way to go! Proud of you and those typing fingers!
I'm going to excuse Joy for not chiming in. I happen to know it's her birthday today.
 I also happen to know that Naomi did not meet her Maker by way of moose. Always a good thing!
And as for me, I added to my pile on the filecabinet--quite the opposite of my goal. But I did start a new blog instead of doing what I ought, because my motto seems to be, "One cannot have enough blogs."


  1. we've been on the road, so sorry for not chiming in sooner;) Thanks for the birthday wishes, and yes, I finished the article and query!

    Congrats, Andrea!

  2. Very late commenting on this one. I did send Melissa my blog address, so maybe she'll get be able to get it up there with my name.

    Yay! Thanks for this. It's so great to have someone pat me on the back for getting things done. ;)

    Now I need to go grab that blog button.