Monday, July 30, 2012

Introducing My Other Blog: Regency Reflections

Today I wanted to introduce you to a relatively new blog that I participate in. It's named Regency Reflections, and it exists for readers who like Inspirational Regency Era Fiction.

The Regency Era in fiction usually covers from 1800-1830 in British history. This has been a rather popular setting for romance novels in the general market. With authors like Julia Quin, Eloisa James, Mary Balogh, and Jo Beverly all regularly hitting the bestseller lists with their dastardly Regency heroes and sheltered Regency heroines.

The inspirational book market is starting to see more novels set in this time period as well. Julie Klassen's award winning Regency novels always seem to hit the inspirational bestsellers lists, and other authors such as Laurie Alice Eakes, Ruth Axtell Morren, Regina Scott, Mandy Goff, and Linore Rose Burkard are seeing success with their Regency novels as well.

Some of you may be wondering why an author with a book set during the French Revolution like Sanctuary for a Lady would be blogging with a bunch of Regency enthusiasts. Well, that's because the Regency Era is the closest popular setting I can find to the French Revolution.

France and England were anything but friendly during this time. In fact, the two countries warred from 1793 (during the middle of France's Revolution) until 1815 when Napoleon was defeated. So their are a lot of connections between England and France. Furthermore, if I'm able to keep writing novels about the Belanger family, they will soon find themselves caught in the midst of the Napoleonic Wars. I might even be seeing a British character or two on the horizon.

Today I'm blogging about Paris and British aristocrats and the Treaty of Amiens over on Regency Reflections. (Bet you never would have guessed I'd find a way to work something about France into my Regency blog!) I'd love for you to stop by, check out the blog, and meet some other great European fiction authors.

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