Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend Assignment--Read to Your Kids

Since we've been talking about reading to children this week, you've probably already guessed what your assignment is for this week. That's right: READ TO YOUR KIDS.

Pick at least two books over the weekend to read to your little ones, and make the time to do it. You might even take a trip to the library.

And our question for discussion today: What type of books do you prefer to read to your children? Dr. Sues? Richard Scary? Fancy Nancy? Any other thoughts or ideas? Leave your answer in a comment below!


  1. We both love the Berenstain Bears. And my girl is five now, old enough to enjoy Laura Ingalls Wilder. We also love Dr. Seuss, Fancy Nancy, and of course Little Golden Books.

    She's next to me here telling me to say hi from Erika.

    1. Hmmm.... We haven't done much Bernstain Bears. Wonder if my son would like those. :-)

  2. One of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a parent (of two young boys) is reading with them at bedtime. But we often ad-lib our own made-up bedtime stories. When they asked me to write one of the stories into a children’s book, it melted my heart. Writing a book with my father was one of the unfulfilled wishes I had at their age. So we just finished writing Puddle Boy as a young children’s video book (bedtime story).
    Now that we finished one video book, my sons’ minds are abuzz with newer, bigger, better stories they want to write. I’ve never seen such creativity from them. So my new opinion is that reading with them is great. But writing with them is even better! How do other parents feel?