Friday, January 20, 2012

Product Review: Scentsy Pot

One of the favorite gifts I received this Christmas was a Scentsy Pot. These little pots have a light bulb inside them and a wax holder on top, and when you turn the pot on and melt the wax in the top, they release any variety of scents.

Now admittedly, there are a zillion scent-releasing items available to shoppers today. Anything from scented candles to tea-light pots that also melt wax to outlet plug-ins. So let me list why I like my pot so much.

1. It doesn't get hot--which is really nice, considering I have two little boys under five years old who are endlessly curious about any new thing mom gets. This is one of Scentsy's biggest boasts: the pot doesn't get hot enough to burn. Don't ask me how they manage this. But I'll verify that though the outside of the pot gets warm, it doesn't burn. Even the melted Scentsy wax isn't hot enough to burn.

2. It doesn't use a candle. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to make our house smell pleasant by using a scented candle of some sort. It doesn't matter where I put the candle or what type of candle I use, one of my boys will find a way to play with it. They'll climb on the table to get it or dump the melted wax into one of their play dishes. My eldest even singed the hair on a couple of his stuffed animals once. No, I am not a bad mom who doesn't watch my kids and lets them play with fire. It's just that a candle is far too fascinating for little boys, and the second mom's back is turned, they're into it.

3. It scents the entire downstairs of our house. Granted, our house isn't very big. But even with the pot plugged in the kitchen at the back of our house, I walk in the front door and smell it.

4. The scent lasts a long time. I've used scented wax before, and it always seemed that the wax would loose its scent long before the wax evaporated. I haven't noticed that with the Scentsy brand wax. I'm sure it will eventually loose its scent; it would have to. But I've been using the scents for about a month, switching them alternately back and forth, and I haven't thrown any wax out yet.

An interesting variable: I picked up some cheaper wax from WalMart ($2 for a brick with six cubes). I wanted to see if the pot got hot enough to melt all waxes, or if I had to use only the Scentsy brand. The pot melted the wax and released a wonderful aroma. However, the melted Walmart wax is hotter than the melted Scentsy wax. If a young child dipped his or her fingers in the wax, it might burn for a couple seconds, though I doubt it would do more than leave a red mark. Also, the Walmart wax seemed to loose its scent quicker than the Scentsy. After two days time, had to replace the wax, though that still comes out to paying under a quarter a day for the scent.

Scentsy sells its products through home-based sales representatives (similar to Mary Kay). If you want more information or to get in contact with one of their sales reps, go to their website And as I'm writing this post at the table, my kitchen is filled with the wonderful aroma of Black Raspberry Vanilla. Thank you Scentsy.

Tomorrow I'll be announcing the winner of a free ebook copy of Dina Sleiman's Dance of the Dandelion. If you haven't stopped by that post and left a comment and email address, be sure to do so, and you'll be entered in the contest. Otherwise, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great product to have. Thanks for the review. :O)

  2. I fell in LOVE with Scentsy about one year ago! Everyone in my family & extended family loves it too! A must try :)