Thursday, May 12, 2011

Interview with Author and Blog Contributor Mandy Goff: Work

Hello. We're back again today for the second half of our interview with one of our new blog contributors, Mandy Goff. Mandy is the author of The Blackmailed Bride, a February release with Love Inspired Historical.

Thanks for coming back again today, Mandy. What jobs have you attempted while working at home? What are the pros and cons of these jobs? Would you do them again?

For about a year, I was a pretty dedicated freelance copywriter and editor. The money was decent, and the work was fairly easy…but it was also mind-numbingly dull. I wrote more articles on insurance and investing than I care to remember. I think I can safely say that I’d prefer not to have to go back to that!

Writing articles on insurance and investment doesn’t appeal to me either. How do you balance the demands of work and family?

Sometimes I’m not sure! I rely a lot on my husband for help, and I’ve made the commitment to myself and my family that if they need me—no matter what’s going on in my writing world—they come first.

That sounds like a good mindset. How do you entertain your children while working at home?
I’m a big proponent of the all-day-nap (just kidding!). For the most part, when I’m working, my daughter self-entertains. She’ll teach her imaginary class, or make pretend dinner for her restaurant, or doctor invisible patients. (She’s decided she wants to be a doctor-teacher-baker-cat when she grows up).

Cute! Your little girl sounds adorable. How do you arrange the physical space in your house so you have a place to work?

Not very well at all. I don’t have an office at home, so I crash with the laptop wherever there’s a place to sit down. Sometimes that’s the kitchen table, sometimes the couch, or sometimes the bed.

I keep telling myself I need a home office area where I always write. Um . . . hasn’t happened yet. Do you have a schedule and always work at the same time every day, or is your work time random and haphazard? Why?

Definitely haphazard. I try to stick to a schedule, simply because I only have so much free time once I get off work. But for the most part, I have to work when creativity strikes…and unfortunately, sometimes that is the middle of the night.

Hmmm . . . I’m feeling sleepy just reading this. What's your favorite aspect of working from home?

Still getting to be around my daughter, even if I’m busy working. Just being near her makes me smile!

I always like money savings tips. What do you do to save money?

I’m an avid couponer. It’s like a game to see how much money I can save every week by combining store sales and coupons.

Thanks so much for taking time to be with us today, Mandy. We look forward to Mandy sharing a recipe with us next Friday.


  1. It's nice to 'meet' you Mandy and welcome to the blog!

  2. If the kids aren't interested in that all day nap, I'm willing to sacrifice and take it for them!

    Hope to hear some couponing tricks from you. But living in the middle of nowhere I think hampers the tricks I've heard people pulling off.